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Fence Installation & Repair Services

We are experts at fence installations and strive to be the best Cumming fence builders in the area!​

Fence Installation & Repair Services

Mirror Image Home Solutions is your local company for high-quality, custom-designed fences. Our craftsmen can install a wide variety of fencing styles and materials, ensuring you get the best fence for your needs.

A fence is a major investment that impacts everyday activities as well as property value, so it’s important to weigh a number of factors when choosing your fencing. Our experts will be there every step of the way to make sure you’re completely satisfied with your new fence.

Protect your property and beautify your yard with fence installation. At Mirror Image Home Solutions, we help you overcome loose bards, sagging gates and unappealing fencing with repair and new installation services by qualified professionals. Explore our services and the benefits of a new fence before requesting an estimate today.

Services We Offer

Most of our services fall under three categories.

  • New Fence: We install new fencing and new gates as needed.
  • Fence Replacement: We will tear down your old fence and replace it with a new one!
  • Fence Repair: We repair fences all of the time and our customers love our work!

Why Fences Cumming Are Great

People want a fence more many reasons, but the most common are:

1.Extra Privacy: Most people like privacy. A fence can provide just that. You can get a privacy fence using any material. Just call us to find out how to get a privacy fence at your property.

2.Increase Property Value: Fencing can add value to your property.

3.More Security: Fences add security to a property by creating a boundary. Keep unwanted animals or people out and keep pets and kids safely inside your fence boundary.


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